About company

DivM Group is an international project that develops business in the financial and real sectors of the economy.

Professional managers carry out investment activities of the company based on the adopted development strategy within the framework of the business model.

The high return on investment and total assets of the DivM Group is achieved through an effective strategy for placing funds in the financial markets.

To reduce systemic risks and increase financial stability, the company reinvests part of its profits in creating its own sources of income.

Thus, the company's adaptive business model provides a high level of return on invested capital with minimal risks.

Our advantages


First, the company distributes at least 40% of its profits to token holders. Secondly, token holders have the opportunity to receive high incomes from the exchange rate difference of tokens provided by tokenomics and the general growth trend of the cryptocurrency market.


We build our business with strict financial asset security requirements in mind. Therefore, 15% of the DivM Group's working capital is reserved in the company's deposit accounts.

Investment approach

Our portfolio contains only highly liquid assets, diversified based on risk. Each object is carefully analyzed according to many parameters and is selected at the expert level.